A series of photos called Aperture. I tend not to have any intentions for photos like this, other than standing there and taking them and seeing what they might look like in any form. So the title might be a word summing up the mechanism in a camera that allows light in, or the nature of holes in city walls, passages in and out of city streets. An aperture is not about the hole itself, but about what happens in it, when people pass it by, or pass through it, on foot, in cars, going out, coming in.

It’s out in the wonderful Every Pigeon magazine, in its second issue. Here’s a bit about the magazine, and its curious title:

Every Pigeon publishes works which magnify the mundane.

Works that find significance in everyday routine, light and layered color in the grey coat of every pigeon.

We publish twice a year in June and December.

We favor work that puts its face right up to the glass.

Let us see the details of everyday life, the buttons and acorns found on a Tuesday afternoon, the stain on your shirt at the last staff meeting.

What is underneath? What is the sum of all these small things? Only you can show us.

Though we love all things pigeon, this magazine is not bird-themed. Instead, the quotidian pigeon is our symbol for all things lowly but lovely. Look close and you’ll surprise yourself.

Here’s a link to Aperture in the magazine: http://everypigeon.com/aperture/

Aperture-15-768x576 pink ball with text


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